SUBSCRIBERS – PLEASE READ (and accept my apologies..)

Short Story: On the email promoting this post, there should be a link to manage your subscription. Please edit to receive daily or weekly as you prefer so I don’t swamp your email inbox with old stuff!

Long Story:

So per request of some of the followers of the blog, I tried to upload old posts from a backup I have of the site, but no luck. So I figured I would just load them up and date them for when they were originally published. I turned off all the sharing buttons, and figured it would happen in the background. Seemed smart, right? I’m like a technical genius!

On the second post, (I had just got started), I noticed a small line that said, “this post was shared with your subscribers”. After a quick google search, I learned I cannot turn that off. So if you have your settings set to receive my posts immediately, you will get a spam of emails as I upload the old content.

This is evil.

I don’t promote evil.

So I will be patient.

In this email, there should be a link that will save you from this heartache, “manage subscriptions”. Once I get these old posts up I highly doubt I will ever publish more than once a day. If I get to three a week I’d be amazed, so you will be safe to get my posts as they come out.

I’ll wait to upload all this old content until Monday so all you nice people won’t feel assaulted. Hopefully I can get it all up in one day, then you’ll just get one “legacy content” email.

Sorry for blasting you with three today!

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