Rugged Rosary – Review

I am not exactly…..dainty….
I’m loud, a bit brash, and I am generally really rough on things.

However, I am also really sentimental, and have a tendency to really hold on to stuff. I like nice, simple things, and I like them to last forever so I never have to buy it again. I also really want it to be able to stand up to, well, life.

Rosaries have always been a problem for me. I know I won’t pray it if I don’t have one one me, so I must keep one in my pocket, as one of the few permanent “things I must always have”. This means I will constantly be pulling it out, but frankly, most rosaries are just…girlie!

I don’t do girlie.

Even the “men’s rosaries” seem like dainty in black. They get all tangly, wrapped around my keys, and just don’t seem to have the weight to them that my monster hands require. I am sure am not going to go using some fancy case thing either, so don’t even suggest it.

Out of frustration, I began scouring my good friend, the internet. I found manly, I found stone, I found blacks and browns, all sorts of stuff, but nothing seemed to quite nail what I wanted. Then I found Rugged Rosaries.

I must admit, at first I thought it would not be “fine” enough for my tastes, I can be a pompous git sometimes, and do remember, I hold on to stuff, so nice is very preferred for something as important as my rosary. Here’s how it ran down.

Manly, but still not what I wanted

The basic idea here is these rosaries are intended for men and women in the service, be it military or police, etc., so the beads are big enough to be used with gloves. The tie the whole thing together with paracord, which is quite strong and nearly impervious to the elements.

Did I mention I was picky? I liked the idea, but none of them were “perfect”. That was when I found the custom option! I had a blast, and ended up with brass (heavy as a brick!), black (because black is always best), and a pardon cross with a miraculous medal and a St Benedict medal (‘Cause I love me some indulgences). I even had them put an extra split ring for a medal of my patron I wanted. I was in high hopes I had finally found “the one”.

The Deacon Dance Special!

A few days later they emailed me a picture of my new rosary, all fancy looking, just to make sure it looked right. A custom rosary, with no extra charge. What a very personal experience, it was perfect. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

I’ve had it for some time now, and it is just what I had hoped for. This thing feels like a weapon, and every time I pray it, I feel like I beat Satan with a mace. It fits comfortably in my suit jacket pocket, but it’s substantial enough for me to know in a second if it’s not there, I feel all unbalanced. I love this rosary.

No, they didn’t pay me to say it, and I’ll probably never buy another because this one will last forever. So I can say with an easy conscience, this is quality stuff.

Check them out. Rugged Rosaries

I know you will ask, so here’s the answer. Yes, I put skulls on my rosary. No, I’m not trying to be macabre, I just like to remember that prayer is serious business, because death is around the corner.

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